Budget and Long Term Project Planning

Monetary suggestions and procedures for safe transport and care of objects and storage renovations- vendor, monetary suggestions and solutions for safe care of objects when not on view

Budgets for short and long term projects are essential in order for the administration to approve a desired project.  Grants also require budgets to enable to see that the museum is meeting the fiduciary responsibilities required for the grant. It is essential that budgets be done so that project proposals can be funded.  Sometimes the project will have to be postponed or not approved depending only on the merits of the budget. Budget planning can be labor intensive and knowing which resources to use or find is a helpful benefit to economical planning.

When I worked at the museums and on some consultations, I provided budgets for the safe packing and transport of objects offsite and back to the museums, storage renovation plans provided by vendors and general staff/office operations. These included finding vendors for competitive bidding to find the most reasonable and satisfactory product for storage and moving collections. I can continue to advise you on vendors and economical suggestions for your transport and storage projects.


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