Collection use and access

Collection use and access

Who has access and any regulations concerning use of objects

Access for use of the collection, whether to staff or outside scholars and visitors should be part of the museum’s collections policy. Each museum can set their own regulations.  Someone should always be present if someone needs to go into high security areas, such as non-public gallery spaces. For a private client, always make sure you know the person who will be working with you by setting up a preliminary meeting.

In working at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, keys for storage were in the registrar’s office with a sign out sheet.  This was an easy way to monitor access to those areas. Appointments were set up for scholars with the curators and then they would come to the office for key access. In more up-to-date storage spaces, automated key locks are more common, so the access will be monitored by security, but still, someone on staff needs to accompany an outside visitor or someone on staff who is not authorized in these areas. In some cases, the registrar’s office is responsible for the permission of drawing in the galleries. Forms need to be reviewed and access granted before this can be permitted. As part of my services, I can recommend policy procedures for your museum or private collection.



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