Loan Processing

Loan Processing


Outgoing and incoming form and procedure guidance for museum custody

When museums bring in objects for exhibitions or possible acquisition, the objects are usually treated as loans, if not owned by the institution. Loans can be between museums, private individuals, commercial galleries or other collections.  Paperwork is required to obtain information on the objects, agreements between parties and any other legal requirements or restrictions reviewed as part of the process of the loan. Loans can be for one venue or traveling exhibitions, exchange for gap filling of collections, study, objects coming into the museum for consideration and promised or partial gifts.

As a registrar for many years, I had the opportunity to oversee the loan process for exhibitions and possible acquisitions, outgoing loans, review and create loan agreements. Each loan can be unique in terms of where it is going, how it is to travel, installation requirements and restrictions. Knowing what questions to ask and how to proceed are services that I can provide.


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