Methods of collection care when not on exhibition

When objects are not on display, the most common method of protection and safety is to keep them in storage. Storage of the collection should be treated with as much care as when the object is on display, either in your museum or home. Storage can be flat files, open shelving, cabinets, acid free boxes and other suggested methods in discussion with the museum or collector.  Climate and humidity are important for the care of the objects as the areas should not be too hot, cold or humid as these can promote damage to the objects. Sometimes when necessary, collections cannot be stored on site so they must be stored in a safe offsite storage facility.

In my years working for museums and private clients, I have provided storage planning for a wide range of objects, storage furniture suggestions and methods of safe housing of objects, and budgeting. I have also worked with a number of fine arts companies that provide safe offsite storage and can recommend these to the you.


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